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Welcome to the family of Crayons ELC!

Welcome to Crayons Early Learning Center’s website. Crayons Early Learning Center is a place where our children grow, flourish, and excel. We here at Crayons Early Learning Center understand that the first 5 years of your child’s life is an important time of physical and mental development that will serve as the foundation for you and your child’s future. Here at Crayons Early Learning Center we provide a safe and clean place for your child to build that foundation. At our learning center we provide some of the best of technology and health care providers to better assist your child to grow to their best ability. Also,at our childcare center every room where the children are kept, there is a recording camera in place. With this it will provide an even more safe environment for the children and staff. At our learning center we provide some of the best of technology and health care providers to better assist your child to grow to their best ability. Our childcare services provide the best education for your child including learning to spell, learning to read, learning to count, and even learning to speak another language if the parents so desires, plus so much more. Like our motto, we want to provide everything we can to our parents children so they can grow, flourish, and excel while having fun in doing it.

Recent studies have shown that if in a good day care environment, children can thrive and continue to grow and develop appropriately. It is therefore very important to choose a day care that provides your child with a healthy and safe environment. Our care center has policies in place on infection control, procedures for sick children, and strict immunization requirements for children and Crayons Early Learning Center staff providers. The daycare is highly childproof,and has all the necessary equipment that would be used in case of an emergancy. Crayons Early Learning Center encourages frequent hand washing and have a strict environmental sanitation program (routine cleaning of toys, play areas, sleeping cots, cribs and disinfecting of kitchen and bathroom surfaces ect.). Children and staff are informed of plans in place for emergencies, and staff is first-aid qualified.


Keeping Your Children Safe

Security at our center is one of our top priority, there is 24/7 recording cameras in every room, we do 100% ID card checks. Every employee goes through a full background check including a F.B.I. back ground check also finger prints are made and it is made sure that they are fully certified in all the necessary fields. They are informed of any medication a child might be takeing and any special needs that a child might have, so that you child will be in the best of care.



Our Philosophy

At Crayons Early Learning Center we believe that each child is unique and should be provided with an environment that respects that uniqueness and allows him or her to grow, learn and explore. The classroom is a mini-society and teaching should reflect and establish the skill and talents necessary to enhance the growth of the “whole child” cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically while feeling loved and secure. The learning environment at Crayons Early Learning Center is structured in a way to give the child an opportunity to independently explore, select, create and problem solve. Classrooms are organized around interest centers and play areas that include arts, music, and blocks. Crayons’ staff plan and facilitate these experiences for the total development of your child. Our teaching will reflect a high regard for each child’s uniqueness with respect and understanding of social and culture diversity. This is done with sensitive, caring staff working in partnership and families. We believe that our future lies in the hands of our children; therefore it is our responsibility to empower them with the tools to succeed.



Our Mission Statement

The mission of Crayons Early Learning Center is to ensure that all students learn and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary to succeed as contributing members of society. We believe:

  • That learning is continuous and has no limits
  • A positive relationship between students and teachers is critical factor academic, social and emotional development
  • Anti-Bias educational experiences prepare individuals to succeed in a changing world and society
  • Children function best in a positive and caring environment which is safe and secure.
  • A positive relationship between family and school is a crucial element in a students success.



Our Goals

*To provide an environment that is based successful experiences, which encourages all children to develop healthy self-concept and positive self-esteem. *To offer an environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interest at their own pace and according to the individual needs. *To provide an environment that facilitates the opportunity to learn by doing, moving, from concrete hands-on experiences to more abstract concepts of development.



The Importance of Play

We provide individual and group learning activities. A good part of the day is spent in play with a wide range of stimulating learning materials. We provide a rich classroom environment appropriate to a child’s stage development, encouraging the child to discover concepts about themselves and their surrounding world. Great emphasis is placed on social skills and teaching children how to develop satisfying relationship with others. Of equal importance is the child’s developing awareness of their emotions are appropriate ways to express them. Above all, we try to meet the needs of each child in the program. While many of these needs are similar to other children, there are still a wide range of individual differences in all classes.



Our Curriculum

Recognizing that each child is unique, the curriculum must be flexible enough to meet the needs of each child. Our curriculum is center based and thematic in its approach. Our curriculum is rich in diversity and challenges the children to absorb the wonder in their world.



Guidance Policies

Corporal punishment is not accepted method of dealing with young children’s inappropriate behavior at Crayons. Not on is such action towards children damaging their self-esteem it also violates Texas States licensing regulations It is our policy that discipline be positive. With our center, limits and rules are clearly defined, consistent with and in accordance with appropriate development and age of each child and the program in general.

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